Thursday, February 19, 2015

"To Tweet or Not to Tweet?"

…that is indeed the question on many marketer's and business owner's minds these days.  With so many social media sites out there and each one having its own, distinct personality and use, which one do we use for which marketing purpose?  It is all very subjective and some of it takes some time to get a feel for, but there are a couple of definite rules to follow when tweeting, posting, updating, etc.    Let’s start first with Twitter and then we’ll cover more sites in the near future: 

Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows people to say something about themselves or their company, among many other things, in 140 characters or less.  Twitter for business is currently used as a quick way for people to connect with potential clients, and to share what it is you do and why it may help them in their own businesses and/or lives.  It’s quick and simple, but must be to the point.  Some people are known to ‘tweet’ 40-50 messages a day.  We recommend no more than 6 for your business; making sure you’re not just tweeting to tweet.  People can see through this little tactic.  Putting good quality, interesting, viral worthy information and links up should ensure that people will follow you.  It’s all about quality, not quantity and we’ll express that more than once when covering social media topics. 

So to answer the question at hand, TWEET!  Just do it responsibly with quick, informative boosts of information that will make your followers begin to and continue to value you and your input.

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